The Agent Summary tab is where you'll fill in all the information about you as a real estate agent. That includes your name, business name, bio, and contact info. Everything you put here will be public, so only fill out the information you want to include on your Agent Website.

For the Agent Information section, most of the fields are self-explanatory. Your "Business Name" is how you're branding yourself and your services as a real estate agent. For some agents, it would be the name of their brokerage, if they are the broker/owner. For agents who work within a brokerage, it would just be your name or the name of your team. There will be another tab where you can go in detail about the brokerage you belong to.

For your Bio, we recommend to keep it relatively short, just several small paragraphs is perfect. This is just an opportunity for prospective clients to connect with you professionally, personally, and to quickly learn if you provide the services they're looking for.

Your Profile Picture should be at least 500px by 500px in resolution.

Your Contact Info will be displayed publicly on your, so just include all your professional contact information you want prospective customers to know.
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