Let's walk through some first steps to get started with Propopen!

In this guide, we give you an overview on how to fully customize your new agent website.

Step 1 - Go to the Agent Website Section

Step 2 - Fill out the Forms on Each Tab

Step 3 - At Any Time, Preview Your Website

Step 4 - Customize Your Site Design

Step 5 - Setup Your Custom Domain

Customizing your website on Propopen is as easy as filling out a form. Login to Propopen and navigate to "Agent Website" on the main menu to the left.

In this section, each tab has forms that you can fill out that will populate your custom website with your own business details.

As you fill out theses forms, we use your details to automatically create your site behind the scenes. We recommend being as thorough as possible, filling out your bio, intro video, your team bios, testimonials, etc. This gives potential clients and your site visitors a full view into your real estate expertise and services.

At any time filling out these forms, you can click "View My Website" button on the upper right of the admin dashboard to preview your site.

That's it for this first lesson! This should take you a couple hours to complete. Tomorrow, we'll teach you how to customize your website design. If you wish skip ahead, click on the button below to view the full tutorial on creating your custom website.
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