Your Agent Website Header section is the area at the top of your website that introduces visitors to you and your site, as that will be the first thing visitors see when landing on your website.

In your Header section, you will be able to customize the Main Heading and any banner images that are displayed as part of your header.

For you main heading, we recommend to keep it short. The goal here is to briefly let site visitors know who you are and what you do as a real estate agent. Many people call this your tagline...something that quickly conveys the right message about your business.

The Main Banner Images are the images that appear in the full-width background of the Header section. If you don't upload any banner images, the header will just display the background color. We recommend you upload hi-res background images that are 1800px wide by 600px high. If multiple background images are uploaded, they will be displayed as a slideshow in the background. You can drag-and-drop the image thumbnails to rearrange the order the images are shown in the slideshow.
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