For your Property Webpages, there are 3 "publish statuses" your Property Webpage can be in:

Use this status when you are still creating or editing your Property Website and don't yet want to make viewable in public. When in "draft" status, the listing doesn't appear on your Agent Website nor is it accessible from its own URL.

Use this status when the Property listing is still active but not yet sold. In this "active" status, the listing automatically appears as a listing on your Agent Website, and its accessible from its own URL.

Use this status on any Property listings that are sold. This is a great way to notify prospects that the listing is no longer active. All sold listings automatically appears as sold listings on your Agent Website. It's a great way to showcase all the listings you've sold in the past, so that prospective clients can see some business activity. As a best practice, we recommend you retroactively create some past sold Property Webpages to showcase on your Agent Website...whether you were the buyer's agent or the seller's agent.
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