This is probably one of the more tricky parts of setting up Propopen, but don't worry...we're here to help!

First, we really recommend setting up your own custom domain. For one, it's the beginning of branding yourself as a real estate professional online. Second, all your agent website and all your property webpages you create on Propopen will be linked to your custom domain.

If you don't own a custom domain yet, you'll first need to purchase one. We do recommend They're probably the largest domain seller, reasonably priced, and they offer free DNS management (which is what you'll need to complete setting up your custom domain on Propopen).

If you're already familiar with domains and DNS, this will actually be very easy. All you need to do is go to Settings, and hit the Custom Domains tab. Once there, under the section "Domain", just enter your custom domain URL, and click "Save Domain".

After you successfully save your domain on Propopen, you'll want to copy that IP address that's on the same screen (you'll need that for later).

Now, you'll want to navigate to the service that's managing your DNS and configure your DNS. In your DNS manager, add an "A Record" with Name/Host set to "@" and Value/Point To set to the IP address you copied above. You can set TTL (time to live) to 1 hour. For more detailed instructions on configuring your DNS settings with Godaddy, view this article: Configuring DNS with Godaddy.

That's it, we recommend waiting around 1 hour for these settings to take effect and finishing the process on Propopen. After an hour, navigate back to the Propopen settings page, and click the "Check Site Status" button to see if you've done everything right. If everything looks good, you should see a success message and now go check out your site live at your custom domain!
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